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For many years we have been making Wimmelbooks with a lot of love on topics that fascinate children, make them laugh and allow them to learn through play. With us you will find colorfully illustrated, diverse Wimmelbooks on classic topics such as vehicles, farms, animals, but also on new topics such as feelings, good night stories in pictures and maybe also about the city in which you live. The Wimmelbook Publishing team wishes you lots of fun browsing and discovering!

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The New York Times
reports about our Wimmelbooks

We are very happy about the great coverage in the New York Times Book Review about our Wimmelbooks in America!

What is a Wimmelbook?

A Wimmelbook is a special form of the textless picture book. It opens up seemingly endless worlds. Children discover familiar things, but also a lot of new things – and they can “read” it at their own pace and according to their current interests.


Your indiviudual Wimmelbook

We would be happy to produce your own individual Wimmelbook for your company. This is then designed according to your wishes and ideas and adapted to the specifics of your company.

Porsche Wimmelbuch

Your beloved heros in a Wimmelbook

Get started and discover the heroes of your favorite brand in one of our Wimmelbooks! Numerous small, ongoing stories teem with lovely details. Here you will always find something new to be amazed and laugh about!